Carnivale Coifs and Dionysian Dreams

So Carnivale (Απόκριες) is in full swing here in Greece. You may be wondering what this means for us. In cities like Patra, Kalamata, Rethymno, Xanthi, Kozani, Grevena and Naoussa…it means party all weekend. This translates into: non-stop gallivanting in the streets, lots of alcohol, local food, music everywhere, singing, improv dance parties – it’s like flash mobs and harlem shakes all over the place. Lots of phallic shaped objects made of all kinds of things (bread, paper-mâché) everywhere – in store fronts, on parade floats.  And, of course, the costumes.

I’m not dressing up this year. Ain’t nobody got time for dressing up. Had I opted to go all out this year, my costume would have been Tim Burton inspired. These are from the Harper’s Bazaar shoot in anticipation of his show at the MOMA. I would wear everything.

Just because I’m not dressing up, doesn’t mean I’ll be left out of the festivities. Nonsense! If you can’t get a crazy costume, then crazy hair is just as good. I could be a clown with just a little makeup and wig action, like these girls featured in Numéro.

Or use flowers and some Manic Panic (can’t get the 90’s post out of my head), tease it up and go for a look like this:

With a little bit more time, energy and talent, my hair could look like this. Who needs a costume when you’re wearing a rainbow on your head? Or on your face?

Givenchy had the right idea. I’m so inspired by the Fall 2013 collection. It’s punk. It’s easy. It looks like spray paint hair color, which is sort of fun…who knows?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One thing is certain: I’ll be rocking one of these looks for this year’s Απόκριες. In the spirit of Dionysus – may the debauchery commence!

Until soon,



About wanderingmuses31

We are both from the USA, and now we live in Thessaloniki, Greece. We are friends with similar interests and hobbies - namely photography and all things aesthetically pleasing and lots of laughter. We don't claim to know about a lot of things, but hope that you find inspiration in some of the things that inspire us. Thanks.
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