‘David Bowie is…’ not Tilda Swinton (and vice versa)

It turns out that Tilda Swinton and David Bowie are not the same person after all (even though this Tumblr page insists otherwise).  What I mean is that Tilda Swinton did not impersonate David Bowie at the V&A’s private viewing of the “David Bowie is” exhibition, despite rumors anticipating she would from fashion heavy hitters such as Vogue UK and Elle UK.  Instead, she showed up looking like this:

David Bowie Is - Private View - Arrivals

(Photo from Metro)

Yes, there is certainly a resemblance—the hair, the androgyny, the ever-changing, avant-garde sense of style.  I get it.  But Bowie lookalike status aside, Tilda Swinton really is a fashion icon in her own right.  She always manages to look unique without looking like a Hollywood sideshow.  For me, she represents style at its best.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Photos from New York Magazine)

Karl Lagerfeld seems to agree, recently calling her “a modern woman, a timeless icon of elegance”.  Mr. Lagerfeld holds the actress in such high regard, in fact, that he has made her the face of Chanel’s Paris-Edinburgh collection.  The full ad campaign will make its debut in June.  Until then, we’ll have to settle for this single shot of Mr. Lagerfeld himself photographing Swinton for the shoot.


(Photo from WWD)

But because I simply cannot sit idly by waiting for June, here are a couple of past shoots starring Swinton that might heighten your feelings of anticipation. While they may be from a few years ago, they are a stunning representation of Swinton’s distinctive style and they remain both timeless and modern like the actress herself.

From AnOther Magazine, Photographer: Craig McDean

From W Magazine, Photographer: Tim Walker

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