Because water’s always in style

Yesterday was International Water Day. But because we should respect, conserve and appreciate water EVERY day, this post is still super relevant. Greeks, for instance, can’t live without the blue of the sea. It’s proven that when they’re away from it too long, they can suffer from severe bouts of depression. Take a look at photos I took outside our cottage in Halkidiki and on the island of Zakynthos, and you’ll see why.



And if you’d like to check out some more politically-rooted, environmentally-conscious photography, check out these water photographers. I caught them at a show here, at the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography. They’re worth a look.

As I was saying…

It’s important to protect our waters – so animals can live in the oceans, so we have clean water to drink, to wash in. The truth is we’ve got some serious water issues on this planet, none of which are going away any time soon. What can we do about it? (Norae Shakur writes a pretty cogent article about how the fashion industry contributes here.)

We can start by purchasing clothes from companies that are working to decrease their negative impact on the environments – companies like: Burberry, H&M, Nordstrom and Inditex SA (ZARA). These companies, along with some others, have joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, which is an industry-wide group of leading apparel and footwear brands, retailers, suppliers, non-profits, and NGO’s working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products around the world.”

Even better to support companies that work toward being completely eco-friendly. Efi’s mentioned a few of them in her (Un)happy meat day post. According to Susan Scafidi, this year’s NYFW was greener than ever, the idea being, “a deliberate shift toward presenting sustainable fashion as not separate and unique, but simply fashion at its best.” And one of the leading figures in adopting completely environmentally friendly manufacturing is John Patrick.



Read your labels. Be responsible. Know what you’re buying. Because if you don’t pay attention to what this says:


you’re indirectly responsible for the fate of this:


Until soon,



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We are both from the USA, and now we live in Thessaloniki, Greece. We are friends with similar interests and hobbies - namely photography and all things aesthetically pleasing and lots of laughter. We don't claim to know about a lot of things, but hope that you find inspiration in some of the things that inspire us. Thanks.
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  1. MasonBentley says:

    The Greek sea is the best in the world.. x

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