Greeks Do It Better: Mary Katrantzou

In honor of Greek Independence Day, I’ve decided to begin a series showcasing Greek designers.  Along with incredible beaches and failing banks, we have some seriously talented individuals here in Greece.  Unfortunately, many have had to leave our beautiful country to find success as the fashion industry here is lacking in so many ways.  Greek Vogue and Elle have gone kaput and there isn’t much support for new designers.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t have talent!

I thought I’d begin with Greek-born, London-based Mary Katrantzou.  Katrantzou studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and then completed a BA and MA at Central St. Martins.  She has won numerous awards, including the Emerging Talent Ready-to-Wear award at the British Fashion Awards in 2011 and has collaborated with a number of brands and designers including Longchamp, Sophia Kokosalaki and Bill Blass.  Her collection for Topshop became their fastest-selling partnership of all time.  The designer’s characteristic digital prints, which have been worn on red carpets and have graced the pages of many a top fashion magazine, are works of art in their own right.

For spring 2013, Katrantzou focused on an endangered species (the stamp) and one that’s gone extinct (the Greek drachma).  She has said the following about the collection: “I wanted to look at world history, and I thought of bank notes and stamps because they are a means of cultural exchange that signify travel and heritage.  There is so much history and beauty in what is essentially just a piece of paper”.  It seems to me like these pieces were made for wandering muses like us.  With enormous bank accounts.  Drat.  A muse can dream…

Mary Katrantzou, Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear

(All photos from

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We are both from the USA, and now we live in Thessaloniki, Greece. We are friends with similar interests and hobbies - namely photography and all things aesthetically pleasing and lots of laughter. We don't claim to know about a lot of things, but hope that you find inspiration in some of the things that inspire us. Thanks.
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4 Responses to Greeks Do It Better: Mary Katrantzou

  1. cocoxrae says:

    Loving all of the different colors and prints in these designs!

    • Yes, her prints are pretty incredible! I love how she takes everyday objects and things in nature and incorporates them into her collections. And she manages to do something different every time.

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