A Life in Zigzag

Ottavio Missoni, co-founder of Missoni, passed away today at the age of 92.  What can one say about the man who created the label’s signature zigzag pattern?  Those zigzags are as recognizable as the logos of the biggest fashion houses and have been copied many times over.  The man was a fashion legend.


Photos from Vogue Italia

And he wasn’t just about the zigzags.  Missoni’s use of color was striking.  According to today’s New York Times article featuring the designer’s life, “Missoni once wrote that he created a chromatic harmony by adding a third color to two clashing ones.”

“Color?” he wrote. “What can I say? I like comparing color to music: Only seven notes and yet innumerable melodies have been composed with those seven notes. How many basic colors are there? I don’t remember exactly, seven perhaps, like the notes of the scale, but how many tones or shades does each color have? An infinite number, just as always endless are the hues and nuances composing a work of art.”

Ottavio Missoni co-founded the label with his wife, Rosita, in 1953.  To mark Missoni’s 60th anniversary, the label created this special line, called A Zigzag in Time, which includes reproductions of select pieces from its archive, along with items from its Summer 2013 collection.

The line is set to hit flagship stores this month.  The timing is rather poetic—serendipitous, even.  And appropriate for a man who believed in the romance of chance and of life and love.

“Life is a sequence of events, some good, some less so. What fascinates me is the role of chance. When I think that I’ve been married for 57 years to a woman I met under the statue of Eros in Trafalgar Square, I think that chance is a marvellous thing”.  –Ottavio Missoni

Farewell, Mr. Missoni.  You will be missed.


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