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Michalis Kampourakis: Greek God Reincarnate

Yes yes yes…summer is here – and we muses are loving all that’s beautiful about Greece these days. We hate to brag, but…how can we not? I mean, we’re got it all. Islands, mountains, sea…but the latest beauty to come … Continue reading

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Tried and True Greek Beauty Tips

Some of these have been working for Greek women for years. I’ve tried them all, and they work for me, too. For this reason, I invite you to try any and all of them. These are not tips I got … Continue reading

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Easter With The Greeks

A lot of the Greeks have been sharing this article about Greek Orthodox Easter. Rita Wilson attempts to describe the tradition and magic of Greek Easter, but still…there’s something lacking. Pictures? Perhaps. Word of advice. If you have a Greek … Continue reading

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Dimitris Alexandrou: Greek God Reincarnate

Dimitris Alexandrou is a Greek male model, currently pursuing a career abroad and working on the difficult job of being both irresistible and heavily bearded. (If you think that’s easy, then you try it.) I’d seen him before in photos … Continue reading

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Get Ready To Rethink Plastic Flowers

So four bands from Greece were featured at this year’s SXSW festival in Texas. Where was I? In my own world, that’s where. No matter. Better late than never. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Plastic Flowers. Thessaloniki’s Plastic … Continue reading

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Your Style Is Supposed To…Inspire You

I read this blogpost in the online Athens Voice the other day I thought appropriate to share. The writer, Gina Konstantinopoulou, writes about a seminar she attended – a talk given by Margarita Gourgourini entitled: Feel Good In Your Clothes. … Continue reading

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Graffiti is Greek

Betcha didn’t know that the “forefather of graffiti” is Greek. That’s right. His tag name is Taki 183, from Demetrius, or “Demetraki.” (For those interested, the bio on his website includes a link to the original New York Times article … Continue reading

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